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Jazz Piano for Beginners is an amazing collection of information for studying jazz piano. For musicans that play other instruments, learning these basics of jazz piano will have profound benefits when you begin to improvise on the instrumpet of your choice. Of course learning to play Jazz piano and other jazz riffs is a wonderful achievement and will provide you a lifetime of joy.

The author reconized the need to create a book for multiple levels of music ability and piano proficiency so that any student, even those with no prior musical training, could quickly and eaily teach him or herself. At the same ime the course is designed so that advanced piano students will also be very challenged by the concepts in the course.

This amazing one of a kind book is broken into 7 chapters which are:

  • *Notation and Basic Chord Concepts
  • *Scales & Relationships to Chords
  • *Fingers on the Keys and the Blues
  • *ii-V-I and More Notation
  • *Extensions and Alterations
  • *Rhythmic Concepts
  • *Final Thoughts

Don't worry if you do not understand what all these chapters mean. The book will introduce you to each of the topics and give you an opportunity to practice many exercises that will reinforce what you have learned.

CLICK HERE to read more and download this amazing book!